i> Away With The Fairies.: October 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weston Beach Races - Muck and Mayhem.

English Rose invited me to join her at the Weston Beach Races. She was attending on business. I had no idea what they were.
Even she, who regularly attends motocross and enduro events, confessed she’d never seen anything like it.We arrived just prior to the entrants riding to the start line. It took several minuets.
We had no idea that a race could be conducted with over 1,000 entrants.
Nothing prepares you for the Start. The sound of 1101 high performance motorcycle engines hitting full throttle in an instant.
Little compares to the perception of speed, down the implausibly long straight, of a bike at 100mph, riding inches from the spectator rail. So close you could reach out and touch them.
I didn't expect to see riders dressed as tigers, dragons, wizards, superman or a naked lady suit complete with pink wig and tutu, riding alongside world class competitors.
And I wasn't prepared for the carbon monoxide poisoning you experience from proximity to so many two stroke engines, in the absence of any kind of sea breeze.

This is the two wheeled equivalent of the Grand National.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Last Day

The last day of a foreign holiday can be difficult. Checked out of your room at mid-day but plane doesn't leave until late evening.

We leave our cases in reception keep a change of clothing and hit the beach.

The under foot conditions on the shore line are aggressive. Trying to stand up, to walk out, is a challenge, with the waves being more forceful than previously. I opt to sit on my arse, face the sea and allow the waves to push me inshore. Soon, I arrive in the coarse sharp sand together with a ton of see weed.

Holiday over, it's time to change, I use the showers in the massage room.

The moment I drop my gaily coloured shorts, a shower of pebbles pings off the tiled floor together with a kind of huge salad of sub aquatic plant life, possibly a few muscles and I swear I saw a crab bounce off the floor and scuttle away into a dark corner.
In the mirror my buttocks are laticed with stuck on sea weed.

The shower tray gets blocked, I get out and dry myself just as it over flows.


I've just checked the last draught and found the only mistake was , 'I swear I saw a crap bounce off the floor and scuttle away......'.